Information Day

Currently, the processes in water resources management are undergoing major transformations during its transition from the sectorial approaches of the past (e.g., water use for only irrigation, hydropower, or navigation) to contemporary ones that are integrative and comprehensive approaching water management as complex system with interrelated processes surrounding the water cycle. This transformation comes at a time when acute problems are rising in water resources by direct (land use change) or indirect (climate change) human interventions in the natural systems within which we live. Among the most obvious example of extreme events related to water are floods, droughts, excessive pollutant in streams, and an increasing demand of fresh water to sustain economic and social needs. The dynamics of water and the role of humans in the water cycle are not yet well understood largely because environmental and socio-economic analyses are still performed separately.

The complexity of research related to water management is extremely high and requires deep expertise in several ICT-related research domains. The new ICT-supported management approaches require processing of a huge amount of information with different levels of accessibility and availability and in various formats (from digital to hardcopy formats). Given the relevance of the data for practice, often the data acquisition needs to be acquired, transmitted and accessed in real time. Not all the required data neither is critical nor of equal quality, therefore screening and conditioning has to also be conducted in real time. Equally important is to have access to historical data (raw, statistics and post-processed) for calibration and validation of the models. With regard to the accessibility of stakeholders to information, there are as well different situations. There are situations when information is to be accessed only by designated stakeholders, but there is a huge amount of information that is, and should be handled, as public information.

In this Data4Water workshop different research projects will present their ongoing research, findings and results.

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