Nutzerzentrierung, Usability, UX und digitale Barrierefreiheit 
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Usability support makes IT projects better

Many IT projects suffer from the fact their future users have been left out of the development process. However, when employees are involved in the process at an early stage, the usability of the software increases, costly misdevelopments can be avoided and acceptance increases.

A combination of empirical and analytical methods is ideal for software ergonomics project support. Analytical methods include, among other things, testing for standard conformity in accordance with DIN and ISO guidelines. In combination with user tests, a realistic picture of the strengths and weaknesses of a solution can be obtained. In a popular test method, the "Thinking Aloud" approach, test subjects go through typical use cases and express their impressions and expectations out loud in the presence of usability experts. The method provides valuable insights for the subsequent optimisation of the software.

We support you with the following services:

  • Small usability tests (suitable e.g. for open data platforms & citizen portals)
  • Usability tests & expert analyses (suitable for piloting with future users, e.g. e-file & specialist procedures)
  • Data visualisation: project support with the help of a usability cockpit
  • Workshop support with design thinking methods