Digitale Identitäten und Cyber Security
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Trusted identities are key to IT security

Employee, parent, association member, account holder - we use different identities in different contexts. We identify ourselves with passwords, chip cards, biometric features and much more. But even postal parcels, trams and power stations have long been networked in an Internet of Things. Securing these identities is just as important for our own security and that of our property as it is for the functioning of our infrastructures. Fraunhofer FOKUS researches and develops secure solutions for digital identities for industrial and administrative contexts.

The Digital Public Services business unit offers its customers the following services:

  • Electronic identities and their secure utilisation in various scenarios and solutions
  • Privacy technologies and user-centred identity management to protect identity data
  • Development of security architectures and platforms
  • Citizen accounts 2.0
  • Integration into legacy processes
  • Development and demonstration of the interoperability of electronic identity systems
  • Development and demonstration of ID management scenarios, development of prototype solutions

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