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Research for Public and Private Safety

ESPRI specializes on the network of systems for the public and private safety; in particular on alert and control center systems that inform the citizens, the industry, decision-makers and  rescue personnel accurately. ESPRI's interdisciplinary research provides the technological basis for safe and secure living. Its' integrative approach combines the different security requirements of private and public spaces while at the same time creating new synergies by combining, e.g. safety and convenience within the private context. In the long run this approach will garantee a high prevalence and encourage the general public to adopt and accept these new safety solutions; it is an important step on the road to a “smart city”.

Research & Development

  • Concepts for network solutions
  • Solutions for integrated and network-based control centers and hazard prevention
  • Hazard prevention systems for rescue personnel, the public, and the industry
  • Concepts and demonstrations for the mobilization of citizens in the hazard prevention
  • Concepts for barrier-free warnings
  • New techniques for situation-based hazard prevention processes
  • Connection of sensor and actuators technology in the hazard prevention
  • Flexible area-time-event processing fort he detection of complex emergencies       

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