The Partner Program

The FUSECO Playground partner program works as a brand name and organizational framework, designed to foster collaboration between partners so that they can work together to achieve common goals in the R&D domain for prototyping of Future Internet technologies and applications. In this sense businesses have to overcome their competitive attitudes and work together to reach these goals.
As operator independent research institutes we are highly interested in building new strategic partner relationships, be it in the academia or the industry.

How to Become a Partner?

Who can become a partner in the FUSECO Playground?

Any company involved with the implementation of components for Next Generation Mobile Networks on a technical level but also research institutions that are working on aspects of future mobile access or core networks and the applications that will drive them.

What requirements must a partner fulfill?

The company or institution must be able to identify with the goals of the partner program and be willing to work collaboratively with other partners of the laboratory. Yet, a joint R&D project with one of the collaborative partners is a must as we are not a marketing hub but interested into driving and promoting new ideas and concepts for an industry.

What are partner benefits?

In addition to our expertise in the respective domains, we offer our partners visibility on our websites, establishment of demonstration showcases, tutorials and workshops. Furthermore, we can help you to organize your own customer events and may even provide the necessary facilities and surroundings to make your event a success. Just get in contact with us.

How can we apply for a partnership?

Please send us an email over the contact form.