NGNI, Headerbild, FUSECO FORUM 2016
Nov. 3–4, 2016 – Fraunhofer-Forum, Berlin

Open5GCore Rel. 3 – the Phoenix edition

Open5GCore Rel. 3 represents a new instantiation of the software network platform of Fraunhofer FOKUS, providing the connectivity service according to the 3GPP standards. Stemming from the initial release in 2009, the Open5GCore Rel. 3 features:
  • Functional: A large number of procedures including a comprehensive state machine (idle mode, service activation, service deactivation, paging, tracking area updates, etc.)
  • Performance: a new multi-thread based platform enabling a better processing on the control plane and data path
  • Commodity: a comprehensive visualization that monitors the deployment across multiple data centers, distributed topologies, even base stations including time series and flame graphs enriching the insight on the behavior of the network
The demo includes the demonstration of connectivity of common phones through off-the-shelf LTE base stations as well as a large number of benchmarking and functional testing mechanisms, providing insight on the different functional features of the network.