NGNI, Headerbild, FUSECO FORUM 2016
Nov. 3–4, 2016 – Fraunhofer-Forum, Berlin

Open Baton 

The NFV Platform providing End-to-End Network Slicing Orchestration

Open Baton is an open source platform providing a reference implementation of the ETSI NFV MANO specification. In this demonstration Open Baton is employed as NFV Orchestrator for managing multiple network slices providing certain network characteristics (low latency, ultra-reliability, etc). In particular it will be employed Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) part of the 5G Playground (Open5GCore, OpenIMSCore, OpenSDNCore) in order to demonstrate the feasibility of deploying heterogeneous end-to-end network services on the same NFV Infrastructure. In addition to this, the Network Slicing Engine (NSE), the Autoscaling System, and the Fault Management System will be employed for demonstrating the increased reliability achievable with this solution. Finally, it will be given an overview of the Open Baton Marketplace including VNFs ready to be deployed on your own private Open Baton environment. 

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