NGNI, 5G Ready Trial Platform
Fraunhofer FOKUS

Integration within the existing platform

Development and testing for experimentation in research

Developing and testing in a comprehensive environment refers to full end-to-end chain of components and includes provisitoning of standardized interfaces of software and hardware, tools for cutomizing components and interfaces and for designing and testing them. 

With the 5G Ready Trial Platform we provide a testing area for components in an environment reflecting the latest advancements in the ongoing 5G evolution.

Integration for network function providers

The 5G Ready Trial Platform is a comprehensive ecosystem for testing of third party network functions including: 

  • Embedding the network function into the NFV environment
  • Testing end-to-end benchmarking
  • Reviewing resilience and security
  • Consulting for improvement of the software functions

Integration for infrastructure providers

The 5G Ready Trial Platform is a comprehensive testing suite using telecom components to assess the suitability of a specific hardware/virtualization technique. So it is also a base for new infrustructure prototypes with acceleration libraries and their integration, virtualization mechanism, virtual networks and data center networking.

Increase the capabilities of your product

​​Grow from a demonstrator company to a product company

The 5G Ready Trial Platform serves acceleration for the development of carrier-grade features, missing in initial product prototypes: 

  • Deployment in their existing network environment, that means onboarding products to reference NFV environments
  • Capacity increase with workload testing by capacity bottleneck detection
  • Resilience and security assessment due to synthetic conditions to emulate resilience and security threats situations