Industrial Communication
industrial communication Fraunhofer FOKUS

Providing a secure and reliable wireless communication for the dynamic factories of the future

Enabling reliable wireless shop floor communication through local 5G network deployment

Development of suitable mixed wireless/wired architecture for in-factory communication
  • Flexible, ultra-low delay and interference tolerant radio technologies
  • Low-delay in-site backhaul and low delay cross-site communication
  • Easy to configure and maintainable networking infrastructure
  • Easy adaptation to changing shop floor
  • environment and production processes

Communication environment characteristics

  • Communication and non-communication
  • (machines) radio interferers
  • Coexistence with existing systems
  • Many communicating devices (machines,
  • goods, tools, controllers, transportation …)
  • Extended demands on reliability, long term
  • operations, maintenance, security …

Fog Node direct and none communication
Fraunhofer FOKUS

Fog Nodes

Fog Nodes are using communication beyond the deployed infrastructure in order to provide even more “localized” services 

Direct communication with the Fog Node (upper image)
  • A D2D communication path is established with selected devices
  • UE apps communicate with (and through) the Fog node Apps

Communication through the infrastructure (lower image)

  • The Fog intelligence communicates with the other nodes through the local radio
  • Easy mechanism to add intelligence to existing networks
  • In both cases UEs have to be dynamically configured to connect to the appropriate Fog Node