NGNI, IIoT, IIoT Forum 2019, Header, 24.01.2019
Nov. 6, 2019 – Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin, Germany

Florian Frick 

Group Leader „Real-time communication and control hardware“, Institute for Control Engineering (ISW), University of Stuttgart, Germany

Florian Frick is leading the group “Real-Time Communication and Control Hardware” at the Institute for Control Engineering (ISW) at the University of Stuttgart. He is responsible for several TSN projects and initiatives, including the European instance of the IIC-TSN-Testbed. He graduated from the University of Stuttgart and TELECOM ParisTech.

IIC TSN Testbed – Prototyping and Testing of the Centralized Configuration Model


The IIC TSN Testbed is one of the worldwide leading testbeds and seeks interoperability as a key goal from the beginning. While topics like time synchronization and traffic shaping dominated the past few years, 2019 has had a strong focus on the configuration of TSN networks. The presentation will give an update on recent trends and developments in the Testbed. A special emphasis will be put on the centralized configuration model that is prototyped, tested and evaluated in the IIC TSN Testbed.