NGNI, IIoT, IIoT Forum 2019, Header, 24.01.2019
Nov. 6, 2019 – Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin, Germany

Edge-based 5G core networks for robot control in factories

Most industrial applications need immediate actuation to various input sensor data, not only delivered fast but within certain latency limits. Using 5G networks, a reliable wireless path (with lowered latency) allows for IoT connectivity within industrial environments.

While IoT allows to bring together sensor and actuator nodes, from very different technologies, into one heterogeneous network, it is not focusing on providing proper grounds for complex computational tasks. Combining Edge Computing approaches with 5G-based Industrial IoT allows to distribute complex computational tasks, to specialized hardware.

This demonstration exemplifies this, by allowing to control a robot by the means of VR sensors, while everything is connected via 5G. Here, VR represents a complex computational task that needs to be executed on edge servers with higher computational "power".