Nov. 14, 2018 – Fraunhofer FOKUS Berlin, Germany

Dr. Dominik Rohrmus

Senior Engineer, Labs Network Industrie 4.0 e.V., Germany

Dr. Dominik Rohrmus works for Siemens AG, Germany in different functions in the area of manufacturing since 2005. In 2009 he founded the company program sustainable production and rolled several demonstrator projects company-wide out. Focus topics are efficient production planning and technology. Also cycle economy and cycle business development in cooperation with Siemens business units and external partners is ad-dressed. Since 2013 he is heading the Manufacturing Systems Engineering research group which is responsible for future shop-floor technologies for the Siemens factories worldwide. Since 2016 he is with Labs Network Industrie 4.0 which is a non-profit and pre-competitive German association established by a strong alliance of companies, industry associations, policymakers and researchers. The goal is to support SMEs in the area of digitalization. Dr. Rohrmus initiates digitalization use cases among SMEs and test-centers with the goal to transfer the results to standardization bodies.

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LNI 4.0 Testbed TSN in Augsburg


The pre-competitive and non-profit association Labs Network Industrie 4.0 operates a TSN testbed in Augsburg based on SME use cases and their requirements. It is operated on the neutral ground of the host BMWi Kompetenzzentrum 4.0. It is established for years and is open and obstacle-free accessible by interested partners. The SME use cases are matched by LNI 4.0. The testbed has around 30 partners, 6 of them being SME. Technologically the testbed aims converged TSN networks with ad-hoc plug capabilities. The continues plug-festivals and standardization validation together with the SCI 4.0 focus on controller to controller TSN over OPC UA.