Nov. 14, 2018 – Fraunhofer FOKUS Berlin, Germany

Florian Frick

Group Lead, Institut für Steuerungstechnik der Werkzeugmaschinen und Fertigungseinrichtungen (ISW), Universität Stuttgart, Germany

Florian Frick is with the Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units (ISW) at the University of Stuttgart since 2013 and leading the group „Real-Time Communication and Control Hardware“. He graduated with a double degree from the University of Stuttgart and Télécom ParisTech.

Having many years of experience with fieldbus systems, he got involved in various TSN-related activities and projects in 2016, including the industrial working group “TSN for Automation” and the project “AccessTSN”. Since the move of the European instance of the IIC Testbed to Stuttgart, Florian Frick is coordinating the activities.

Besides his involvement in real-time communication, he is responsible for various research projects related to innovative platforms for control engineering with a special focus on systems based on reconfigurable logic.

The IIC TSN Testbed at the ISW Stuttgart


The IIC TSN Testbed is one of the worldwide leading testbeds and has supported its participants for many years. Interoperability is a key goal from the first day. With the increasing number of available TSN standards and maturing TSN devices, the activities in the Testbed are also evolving.

The presentation will highlight current challenges and developments regarding interoperability and how the Testbed supports these. Furthermore, the topic of how companies can profit in an early stage of development will be discussed. Finally, the mutual benefits of the testbed and various research activities will be analyzed.