Nov. 14, 2018 – Fraunhofer FOKUS Berlin, Germany

Florian Bonanati

Managing Director, R3 - Reliable Realtime Radio Communications GmbH, Germany

Florian Bonanati is Founder and Managing Director of R3 Communications GmbH based in Berlin, a world-leading company in deterministic wireless communications technology focusing on low-latency and ultra-reliable. Before establishing R3, he worked nine years for Roland Berger and The Boston Consulting Group specialising in manufacturing, telecommunications and turnarounds. He holds a Diploma degree in business administration from the University of Mannheim.

TSN over Wireless - Dream or soon Reality


TSN leveraging ethernet based infrastructure is getting more and more traction. At the same time, the shift to smart manufacturing systems accounting for flexibility, mobility and adaptability, even supporting lot size one is on its way. As a result, wireless communication gains vital importance as a crucial enabling technology. Existing standard wireless technology cannot do the job. Requirements regarding real-time, robustness, security and time synchronisation pose a stretch target. We discuss current developments especially for their practical challenges and its implications for the manufacturing of the future.