IIoT Forum, IIoT Center, Event, Berlin5GWeek
Nov. 8, 2017 – Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin

Dr. Bernd Schröder 

brown-iposs GmbH, Germany

Bernd Schröder is founder and director of brown-iposs GmbH, a leading consulting company focusing on solutions about planning and optimization of wireless networks as well as on system integration. Working topics are the integration of 4G networks and services as well as application engineering for IMS-networks. For radio network planning brown-iposs recently developed an RF planning solutions for a major mobile network operator. Furthermore brown-iposs is involved in different research programs like the "Industrial communications for Factories - IC4F" and "Integrated Radio Access Points - IRAP" about future indoor coverage solutions for the Mobile Internet. Bernd received his PhD from the Institute of Experimental Mathematics, Essen in 1998 on mathematics in the area of coding and group theory and hold different positions at university and T-Mobile before founding brown-iposs in 2006.

Challenges for Wireless IIoT Network Designs


Current and future Industrial Internet of Things deployment are based on a wide and heterogeneous selection of different communication systems. Often these systems are only loosely coupled if at all. Wireless and wired systems coexists, technologies of choice are differing a lot in terms of used frequencies, standards, reliability and flexibility. New technologies and paradigm are arising like e.g. 5G or cloud systems, which require a suited - often wireless - infrastructure. External dependencies like EMC needs to be considered carefully. Therefore wireless IIoT network designs must be highly adaptable and flexible, too. Static planning approaches like in the past needs to be supplemented by flexible adaption processes. We are highlighting rather the challenges for a proper radio network design in the future than providing ready solutions. Wireless IIoT Network design is going to be (and is in fact already today) rather a permanent task as a one-time activity.