IIoT Forum, IIoT Center, Event, Berlin5GWeek
Nov. 8, 2017 – Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin

Dr. Angelo Corsaro

ADLNK Inc., France

Angelo Corsaro, Ph.D. is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at ADLINK Technology Inc. As CTO he leads the Advanced Technology Office (ATO) and looks after corporate technology strategy and innovation. Angelo is a well-known and cited expert in the area of high performance and large scale distributed systems, IoT, Edge/Fog Computing. He is a well published author with well over 100 of publications on referred journal, conferences, workshops, and magazines. Angelo is the funder and co-chair of the DDS Special Interest Group, a member of the OMG Board of Directors and a member of the ECC Technical Advisory Board.

The Making of Fog Computing


Cloud-centric architectures adopted by early Consumer Internet of Things (CIoT) applications are showing severe limitations with respect to dealing with a larger class of IoT applications and more specifically with Industrial IoT (IIoT). Fog computing has emerged as a paradigm to mitigate these challenges and help extending the compute, communication and storage fabric closer to thing. This presentation will motivate the need of Fog computing, explain what it means and report on some of the latest developments in Fog infrastructure.