IIoT Forum, IIoT Center, Event, Berlin5GWeek
Nov. 8, 2017 – Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin

Andrej Budo-Marek

Managing Consultant at Detecon International GmbH

Building on more than 25 years of professional experience in both the IT and NT domain Andrej Budo-Marek, Managing Consultant at Detecon International GmbH, consults enterprises on business strategy topics linked to technology. Recent focus areas included 5G strategy, IoT and emerging technologies.

5G and the Factory of the Future


Digitization of everything and ubiquitous and permanent Internet access drive the development towards cyber-physical systems – the fusion of new technologies across the physical and digital domain. Profound changes in horizontal (value chain), vertical (processes) and end-to-end (lifecycle) integration will transform today’s factories into connected smart factory ecosystems delivering new levels of efficiency and allowing for new offerings and services. These require a platform supporting a variety of communication requirements and scenarios – a role 5G is predestined for. 5G capabilities will play a vital role as enabler.