Showcasing oneM2M dynamic authorization in management of oneM2M applications using oneM2M platforms

The demo will showcase a platform management tool which allows managing access to different resources or services to third-party applications. The management tool consists basically of an IN-CSE, a Dynamic Authorization Server (DAS) and a web portal (GUI). The portal is also the frontend of the DAS in order to configure the policies. The platform is populated with field domain services hosted in local premises. It will provide access to different kind of sensors. Additionally simulated data sources can be requested.

The showcase will demonstrate the process of registering an application, requesting and using a service and providing a service to another application. The register process incorporates the generation of an SSL-certificate in order use Certificate-based Authentication. The request to a service is done via the GUI and needs to be admitted by the owner of the service. The result will be transferred to the DAS in order to grant access to the required resources. Providing services to other applications is done via the GUI.

The demo will show the registration of three different applications. One application will register, consume data of sensors and enhance data and doing simple analytics. The generated data will be offered as service to other applications. The second application will register and offer an actuator for indicating different states in the demo. The third application will register and combine the enhanced data and the actuating capabilities. It will show the data in a graph-style dashboard and uses the actuator to show changes of conditions.