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FOKUS Megastore

Enabling Application Deployment across Devices and Platforms

Fraunhofer FOKUS MEGASTORE enables application deployment across devices and platforms. Developers can provide their applications for a broad range of terminals including mobile phones, set-topboxes and TV sets, mobile and desktop computers. Beside cross-platform support, MEGASTORE implements a variety of innovative app deployment features.

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Apps and App Stores

“Apps” and “app stores” for mobile phones are on everyone’s lips. App stores have revolutionised app deployment and the number of the app stores, apps, downloads, purchases, etc. is continuously growing. App stores, available today, differ in functions and operation concepts, but they all have one thing in common: they are rather closed systems and support a small range of devices only. The Fraunhofer FOKUS MEGASTORE addresses cross-device applications to be used not only on mobiles, but also on desktop computers, set-top-boxes or TV sets. The challenge, which applies equally to users, programmers and providers of an app, is to support as many terminal devices as possible. The user would like to access individual services and contents on all of his devices whereas the provider would like to make the service available with as little operational effort as possible. MEGASTORE facilitates the convenient creation, administration, distribution, and updating of applications for a variety of terminal devices. Thus, the MEGASTORE can be accessed via mobile phones (Android, Windows Mobile, iOS), set-top boxes / TV sets (CE-HTML, HTML5, Mediaroom MPF) as well as mobile and desktop computers (Web browsers, W3C widgets) of different manufacturers in order to use applications, rate and purchase them, as well as to get recommendations.

Functions and Feautres

Besides the support for cross-platform application delivery, MEGASTORE will support a number of innovative features, such as:

  • App Finder for interactive app discovery: smart search, app ratings & recommendations, tags, context-based app heat map and „apps near me“
  • Tracking and measurement of apps use and distribution: as feedback for the developer but also for app rating
  • White-labelling: rebranding MEGASTORE incl. adaption of user interface, content, feature sets
  • Multi-store setup: cross-connect multiple store providers
  • Server side execution: apps or part of apps can be executed on the server if the terminal does not have sufficient resources
  • App settings are synced across devices: users have the same settings and status on all their devices
  • Social media integration: share and recommend interesting apps, app reviews, and new purchases with friends on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Group-buying, auctions, couponing, leasing: attract users providing them with shopping conveniences

Discover your Apps

Finding new apps involves time and effort in today’s app store or marketplace. MEGASTORE eases this by offering Interactive Smart Search for interactive app discovery. The MEGASTORE’s App Finder uses app ratings, reviews, tags, and usage data to offer more than just a keyword-based search like today’s stores. The App Finder exploits modern recommendation algorithms, social and semantic technology, and interactive data visualization schemes to provide interactive, fun, and innovative ways to discover relevant apps. The App Finder provides a Context-based App Heat Map that, for instance shows which apps are used in certain places (“apps near me”).

Distribute your App

MEGASTORE supports a variety of terminals ranging from mobile phones and tablet devices to desktop computers and TV sets. This enables users to execute their apps on the specific device they would like to use the app on in a certain situation. The synchronization of app data allows for seamless switching from one device to another. With future extensions, a single app can also be used across different devices simultaneously in a multi-modal fashion forming a Personal Mobile Cloud (such as playback on a TV, input on a mobile phone). The “Secure WebOS Application Delivery (WAX)” project, which is supported by the European Commission within the framework programme seven and which is coordinated by Fraunhofer FOKUS, will research and develop suitable solutions and concepts for such kinds of extensions.

Standard Compliance 

MEGASTORE implements the related specifications and standards, such as from Open IPTV Forum Declarative Application Environment (DAE), OMTP BONDI, W3C, and in the upcoming Wholesale Application Community (WAC) specifications.

Solutions and Services 

Fraunhofer FOKUS MEGASTORE is available for joint research projects with an Androidbased mobile terminal client (MWR2010) and with support for CE-HTML, HTML5 and Microsoft Mediaroom terminals.