Brandenburger Tor
Nov. 15–16, 2018 – Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin, Germany

Sami Kekki

Huawei, Finland, on behalf of ETSI

Sami Kekki holds a standardization expert position at Huawei. Samiís current area of responsibility is edge computing in wireless networks. Sami holds a vice-chairman position in ETSI ISG MEC (industry specification group for multi-access edge computing).

Previously Sami has worked with Microsoft and Nokia in various R&D and technology management positions.

Sami received M.Sc. degree (with distinction) from Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto Univ.) in 1997. Sami has 20 years of experience in industry collaboration and standardization in 3GPP TSGs SA and RAN, and in ETSI and ITU-T.


The Role of ETSI MEC in 5G - Status Quo and Next Steps

The presentation introduces ETSI ISG MEC, the group in ETSI in charge of producing interoperable and deployable Group Specifications to enable the hosting of third-party applications in a multi-vendor Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) environment. What is ETSI MEC, how does it play its role in building the edge computing ecosystem, what has it already produced and what are its planned actions for the future, focusing on the ongoing work on making MEC an integrated component of the 5G system.