Brandenburger Tor
Nov. 15–16, 2018 – Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin, Germany

Igor Fritzsch

BitTubes GmbH, Germany 

Igor Fritzsch is an passionate engineer, developer and manager with more than 10 years of experience. He worked 6 years in the packaging industry as a developer for industrial automation software especially for low level integration of programmable logic controllers of various manufacturers. After 2 years at the Fraunhofer Institute, focusing on new skills in high level programming languages in the field of future applications and media especially with regard to television and E-Learning tools and technologies, he became the general manager of the BitTubes GmbH in 2016, transforming all his knowledge to new R&D and business activities.


How Dynamic 5G Networks Unfold the Media Industry

The focus of research into 5G networks to date has been largely on the required advances in network architectures, technologies and infrastructures. Less effort has been put on the applications and services that will make use of and exploit the flexibility of 5G networks built upon Software Defined Networks/Network Function Virtualization (SDN/NFV) concepts in the network core.

The lecture presents a novel Service Virtualization Platform (SVP), called 5G-MEDIA SVP, architecture based on NFV and SDN to facilitate the development, deployment and operation of media services on 5G networks. The proposed SVP is being validated against three media use cases: an immersive Virtual Reality 3D gaming application, the remote production of broadcast content incorporating user generated contents, and dynamically adaptive CDNs for the intelligent distribution of Ultra-High Definition (UHD) content. These use cases will define the second part of the lecture.