A Comprehensive, One-Stop-Shop Testbed for Future Seamless Communication Technologies

Advanced ICT platforms (including Cloud, M2M, SDN, NFV and Mobile Broadband), tools and cutting edge expertise for testing, monitoring, test control, remote usage and federation with external testbeds.

The NGNI Playgrounds
5G Playground as part of the FUSECO Playground Fraunhofer FOKUS
The Future Seamless Communication (FUSECO) Playground offers a unique, independent and open testbed for research and prototype development of mobile broadband communication and service platform. The flexible and modular design of the FUSECO Playground allows fast prototyping and simplified Proof-of-Concept (PoC) validation spanning from devices over access- and core network technologies to services domains of physical or virtualized telecommunication environments. Integrated multi-access network environments (DSL/WLAN/2G/3G/4G-LTE/LTE-A and very soon 5G), Machine to Machine (M2M) communication systems/IoT, sensor networks, SDN/OpenFlow&NFV cloud environments help to shape the vision of a Future Internet in areas like Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, Automotive, eHealth, eGovernment, Smart Metering and more.
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Fraunhofer FOKUS
  • technical feasibility analysis
  • comparison of technologies and technical solutions
  • advice on / development of performance and scalability measurement strategies
  • performance analysis
  • scalability analysis
  • provide support to experimenters using the technical facilities
  • run experiments for you and/or analyze the results


  • provide access to experimental facilities, software tools and measurement equipment


  • Equipment vendors
  • Network operators
  • Application developers
  • Research groups

Remote Access

  • Direct Access in Berlin

Our Toolkits

The FUSECO Playground covers the entire technology spectrum of a Next Generation Mobile Network - from end devices across various access & core networks up to an open set of application platforms, supporting data, multimedia streaming and mobile cloud applications, including mobility and handover testing. It integrates various state of the art wireless broadband networks into a 3GPP Evolved Packet Core (EPC) prototype platform, offering the benefits of the latest developments in Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Software Defined Networking (SDN) and cloud technologies. It also features an Open IMS Core solution including relevant enablers. The following Toolkits are part of the FUSECO Playground:

  • 5G Playground, together with its own 5G Related Toolikts:
    • Open5GCore
    • OpenSDNCore
    • Open5GMTC
  • OpenMTC
  • Open Source IMS Core
  • OpenStack-based Cloud Testbed
  • OpenXSP
The FUSECO Playground and its Toolkits comply with 3GPP, OMA, ETSI and OneM2M specifications. External internet or cloud-based service platforms can be connected to this testbed in order to prototype new service concepts end to end across various network topologies.

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Our Customers

The FUSECO Playground addresses equipment vendors, network operators, application developers and research groups to deploy, prototype and extend systems and applications before market.

We provide a highly skilled team of Cloud, M2M, SDN, NFV and 5G experts so that our customers do not need to be experts in this broad range of technological areas, allowing them to focus on their key competences and their main objective: To have the best product and to be the first in the market.

With the help from Fraunhofer FOKUS ICT experts and its state of the art ICT testbeds our customers are able to save costs, effort and time.

Here and everywhere

The FUSECO Playground can be used directly at our premises in Berlin Germany, and in many cases also remotely.

It is portable and ready to be integrated to ICT environments and infrastructures around the world.

Ready to play with us?

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