Use Case eHealth Sister Agnis Fraunhofer FOKUS

eHealth Use Case: Sister Agnes++

Development of a secure dedicated network providing the specific requirements

Providing a remote laboratory for emergency relief actions, extending hospital coverage and regular analysis.

  • Radiographies of the patients in case of accidents to determine closed fractures and their severity
  • Blood and toxicology analysis to determine the environmental conditions in specific locations
  • Teleconferencing and additional data acquisition (same as current systems)

Use Case eHealth: Sister Agnis 02 Fraunhofer FOKUS

Included Technologies

  • Providing secure customized connectivity to specialized devices
  • Integrating a local acces network (e.g. LTE-U network)
  • Generic enablers for IoT connectivity (Data processing, data aggregation)
  • Generic enablers for multimedia: acquisition and local delivery
  • Connectivity to local applications presenting the information
  • Providing secure, best available backhaul to the central location
  • Managing remotely the network functions (no need for local services)
  • Can be done also with with the current 4G and Satellite Networks