Providing a secure network for safety, security and logistics as well as for the public generated multimedia

NGNI, Infografik, Edge Node
Edge Node Fraunhofer FOKUS

Edge Network - dynamic network composition

  • Bringing together dynamically multiple edge nodes
  • Providing efficient communication over the dynamic infrastructure
  • SDN secure composition of edge infrastructures

Usage Scenarios:

  • Safety and security network: following a public event
  • Logistics: providing a communication network for the event organizers
  • Multimedia: collecting local multimedia
NGNI, Infografik, Edge Node Expandability
Extending Operator Networks Fraunhofer FOKUS

Extending operator networks to edge

Providing extended operator services targeted to a specific location

M2M world:

  • Local data exchange
  • Minimal data dissemination
  • Homogeneous “logging”

Content World

  • Caching at specific network points
  • High capacity edge data shower
    • Within the same network
    • Within other networks (e.g. home network)

Usage Scenarios:

  • Local services (maps, information, etc.)
  • Content dissemination: warning system