Project RASEN ranked as “excellent” by EU-Experts

News from Feb. 11, 2016

Within the research programme FP7 funded by the European Commission, seven project partners have worked on solutions for a systematic security rating of large, connected systems over a period of three years. They thereby found three essential innovations.
The project RASEN has developed an approach to enable companies and organizations to compile risk analyses of IT-security for large connected systems and to test and optimize the analyses through specific security testing. Two out of three innovations, namely the RASEN method and the tool RACOMAT, were developed by a significant involvement of Fraunhofer FOKUS. Users of the RASEN method and the RACOMAT-tool benefit from a systematic risk analysis and an efficient and automatized approach of security testing.

The project's results aim for organizations and companies developing or running connected systems. The combination of risk analysis and security testing, specifically developed within RASEN, provide the basis for a target-oriented identification and reduction of failures. It also supports both management and the development upon critical decisions regarding IT-security and system quality.

The seven involved project partners are glad about being certified with the top mark “excellent" carried out at the conclusive final review meeting in Brussels.