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»Service composition challenge« at the IoT Week in London

News from June 03, 2014

During this year’s Internet of Things (IoT) Week in London, June 16-20, 2014, Fraunhofer FOKUS FAME will be present and provide the glue.things platform for the COMPOSE session at the IoT Hackfest.

The glue.things platform makes it easy to combine sensors and actuators to create rich service compositions. glue.things is developed as part of the European research project COMPOSE in collaboration with our partners Barcelona Supercomputing Center and CREATE-NET.

Participants will be offered with access to state of the art IoT infrastructure provided by leading European research projects and initiatives. In addition, participants will benefit from crash courses provided by the project engineers.

On-site deployment of devices will allow realistic interactions of the applications with the public: gateways, cloud services, sensor platforms and wearable will be made available to participants.

Using glue.things, COMPOSE offers a challenge: become creative and demonstrate the value of Open Data integrated with Internet of Things. Make connected devices interact based on input from public data.Use the features of glue.things for composing services that fetch data from public repositories, process them and communicate information to embedded devices like Arduinos.

The participants will learn how to store and process sensor data with glue.things at the COMPOSE session. Communication works with embedded devices, attendees will compose simple services using JavaScript.