What is the 5G Ready Trial Platform made of

Open Baton

  • A standard aligned implementation of the ETSI NFV MANO
  • Running on top of OpenStack (and soon OpenMANO)
  • Providing independent infrastructure slices
  • Support for runtime elasticity and fault management
  • A large amount of use cases (Core networks, multimedia, etc.)

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  • A new approach to device communication, M2M and multimedia
  • Addressing connectivity of a large number of devices
  • Connectivity control on top of heterogeneous environments: Security, Customized connectivity, Service capabilities
  • Based on standard protocols: OMA LW M2M, eSIM, etc. 

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  • Providing an extensive platform for SDN added value features
  • Based on standard components (IETF, ONF, etc.)
  • Establishment of dynamic data paths
  • Backhaul control for dedicated networks
  • Data center networking
  • Deep data plane programmability
  • Service Function Chaining
  • Factory shop-floor communication

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  • R&D prototype of mobile core networks beyond 3GPP Release 13
  • Support for (5G), LTE and WLAN
  • Cloud-native core network for NFV
  • Seamless elasticity
  • Mobile edge network support
  • Service oriented data paths
  • Highly customizable (for DCNs)
  • Benchmarking and experimentation

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​What is the 5G Ready Trial Platform of Fraunhofer FOKUS

Multiple live instances of the 5G Ready Trial Platform addresses particular R&D use cases of Fraunhofer FOKUS

  • Dedicated core networks (multi-slice)
  • Low power packet core networks
  • Massive device connectivity
  • Flexible backhauling
  • Multi-data center environments
  • Dense wireless environments
  • Industrial wireless communication

The 5G Ready Trial Platform runs on top of the cost efficient and off-the-shelf hardware infrastructures, providing remote access and experiment control if needed.

Clone and customize your own 5G Ready Trial Platform

The 5G Ready Trial Platform was designed from the initial phases for commodity for being deployed at customer premises
  • Mirroring the advancements from the FOKUS and the Berlin testbed
  • Providing a separate isolated testing facility
  • Including only the interesting functionality from the comprehensive environment
  • Customizing the test environment for the specific requirements