Around 250 participants attended the QURATOR conference at Fraunhofer FOKUS Fraunhofer FOKUS

»QURATOR 2020« Conference

News from Jan. 23, 2020

The QURATOR 2020 conference took place at Fraunhofer FOKUS on January 20 and 21. Using the slogan »The conference for intelligent content solutions« about 250 participants, project partners and speakers met to exchange information about the latest developments and potentials of digital curation technologies.

On the first day, all ten partners presented their projects and provided insights into the current state of research. On the second day, use cases specifically for the areas of industry, media, culture and health were discussed and further developed in various workshops.

The research project QURATOR is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The aim of the project is to develop a new type of technology platform to support scientists and editors in curating digital content. IT experts use the term curating to describe the processing of knowledge. This includes, for example, searching, selecting, assigning, summarizing, evaluating and linking information.

Prof. Dr. Adrian Paschke, head of the Data Analytics Center (DANA) at Fraunhofer FOKUS and Local Organizer of the QURATOR conference, explains: »One example is the curation of a wide variety of information sources – from Google searches and Wikipedia queries to online research in various specialist databases. Cataloguing and annotating digital archives is also part of this, as well as the automated compilation of topic-specific dossiers and storytelling for a specialist blog. With the QURATOR technology platform we are creating a working environment that will intelligently support users throughout the entire curating process in the future«.

Further QURATOR conferences are planned, which will signpost the development progress of the technology platform.

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