Systementwurf Förderband

Domain-specific knowledge in the design of control systems

When designing control systems – especially in safety-critical areas such as mechanical engineering, medical and railway technology – high requirements need to be met in the development and design process. The System Quality Center (SQC) supports its clients in the establishment and improvement of quality assurance measures in the development process. In this context, the SQC scientists use different tools for the automatic, model-based development, and support their clients throughout the entire development process – from the requirements analysis, modeling, test conceptualization and coding to the testing and validation of the developed systems. They also make use of their domain specific knowledge of standards concerning functional safety, such as EN 62061, EN 13849, EN 62304, EN 50128 and IEC 61508 and pay attention to low cost processes for quality assurance and verification management.

The scientists furthermore use their experiences in the application of domain specific languages (DSL) for the integration of different tools in the development process. These DSLs allow the import and export interfaces of tools to be automatically adjusted and for the consistency in the development process to be monitored.

Furthermore, the SQC competence center has extensive experience in testing and verification and in software and hardware architecture.