Reliable and compliant system architectures

The use of computer based control systems in security-critical applications requires their system architecture to meet particularly high requirements. The increasing complexity of such safety-relevant embedded systems is the result of ever more varied control tasks, a high demand for computing power and the frequently rough conditions that prevail for example in the area of air and space travel and rail technology. Taking the functional and technical security concepts in the suggested system design into account, as defined by the corresponding standards, leads to a further increase in complexity of the overall system and furthermore results in especially high requirements of the development expertise of the engineers.

The System Quality Center (SQC) has many years of experience in the realization of complex, high performance computer systems, especially in the area of applications in space travel and rail transport. By using modern methods and high performance development tools as well as close collaboration with different teams, SQC is also able to carry out complex system developments efficiently, reliably and in compliance with standards. The SQC accompanies its customers along the entire development cycle for security critical systems – from the requirements analysis, the design and realization of an optimized hardware and software architecture through to a security concept. If required, SQC can also support the certification process and complete the on-schedule production of fully functional prototypes as well as the subsequent validation of the system functions through systematic tests under the use of modern, tool based test procedures.

Furthermore, the Business Unit SQC has extensive experience in testing and verification, as well as in system architecture, soft- and hardware architecture.