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June 01, 2003 to Apr. 30, 2004

The acceptance and success of new telecommunication systems depends not only on the innovation and availability of new services for the end-customers, but also on the reliability of the underlying (network) infrastructure. Since todays market pressure tends to give less time for sufficient testing of products and networks, a fast and easy access to in-operation monitoring, fault detection, and traffic or call analysis is needed to analyze networks and network elements in experimental, field trial and production environments.


Within the Trillian project, a generic approach and implementation for protocol detection and traffic analysis have been developed. The approach will be implemented in a demonstrator to evaluate the concepts. A flexible software structure should allow ad-hoc changes and maintenance according to e.g. modified protocol standards.

The project contributes to the automatic configuration of an UMTS monitor of Tektronix.


We elaborate our concept on the intelligent self-detecting features for a UMTS monitor focusing on interfaces, protocols and signaling scenarios in the context of the UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network (UTRAN).

The demonstrator implementation is based and integrated on an Tektronix K15 protocol tester.


  • Tektronix
  • Technical University Berlin

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Self-detection and auto-configuration facilities minimize the effort to manually configure a monitor or test device and should be an integral part for test automation. During the self-detection process the captured protocol information has to be analyzed and validated against protocol identification patterns.According to the requirements for protocol self-detection the questionon how to define and implement required identification patterns plays an important role for the development of solutions for traffic analysis orinterface detection.