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Jürgen Großmann
Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Großmann
Head of Critical Systems Engineering
Business Unit SQC
+49 30 3463-7390


Jan. 01, 2008 to Dec. 31, 2012

Despite the best efforts of car manufacturers and suppliers over the past few years to give quality assurance to their products , and in spite of the tangible advances made in improving the quality of cars, the problems associated with the testing of increasingly complex and networked systems have still not been successfully addressed.

The TEMEA (Testing Specification Technologies and Methodology for Embedded Real Time Systems in the Automobile) research projects aims to create an integrated multi-domain testing technology specially tailored to meet the requirements of the automobile industry. Based on TTCN-3, our technology will be used along the supplier/manufacturer interface, and for automotive development on the integration, systems and homologation level. It will establish a joint platform for the various testing technologies now in existence and also enrich them with new aspects such as combined testing of discreet and continuous behavior, testing of distributed communicating components, and testing under a range of different load and scalability conditions.

TEMEA solutions are intended to set the testing standard for the automobile industry. To reach this goal, we shall publish the results of our research and development work and bring them into the standardization procedure.