Apr. 01, 2004 to Aug. 31, 2004

The introduction of new protocols and devices in the context of e.g. innovative telecommunication infrastructure as provided by the SIGTRAN (Signaling transport) protocol stack requires the application of unambiguous functional tests before they could be released to customers and the market. In its test suite development projects, SQC follows a standardized approach for the production of reliable industrial test solutions, e.g. for M3UA (RFC3332) and SUA (RFC3868).


The outcome of the test suite projects are complete test suites each covering a well-defined testplan written for the target System under Test (SUT). The test suites are available on two levels: first a human readable TTCN-3 abstract test suite and secondly the compiled version in Java. Different test configurations and optional protocol features will be reflected.

The identification of SUT runtime errors during test execution improves the SUT but give also valuable feedback on the procotol standards.


The test suite is based on the latest version of the international standard of the Testing and Test Control Notation (TTCN-3) by ETSI. We applied the TTCN-3 test tool chain provided by Testing Technology, including compiler, test manager, runtime library, and advanced editors.


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The use of the standardized and formalized language TTCN-3 in the industrial production process demonstrate the power and/or limitations of these technology. Experiences made with real applications of TTCN-3 increase the confidence for future industrial TTCN-3 projects.

Due to the speed during the development process of both the protocol standards (e.g. IETF recommendations) and the corresponding implementations by various manufacturers a flexible test technology is important. TTCN-3 enables an easy test suite maintenance in case of any protocol revisions that is also comfortable if using advanced TTCN-3 infrastructure.