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ModelBus® - Version 1.9.9 released

News from Nov. 06, 2014

On November 5th, 2014, the current version 1.9.9 of ModelBus® has been released. ModelBus® as a tool integration platform enables the automation of development processes and supports the collaboration of the developers, e.g. by integration of development tools.

ModelBus® version 1.9.9 offers changes as follows:

  • Web proxy to browse ModelBus® repository in a web browser added
  • ModelBus® OSLC extensions introduced:
    • ModelBus® additionally exposes model elements in ModelBus® repository as OSLC resources
    • Obtain relevant basic information about repository artifacts as defined in OSLC Core specification
    • Obtain domain specific OSLC resources describing model elements that represent OSLC resources of a particular OSLC domain, e.g. requirements for Requirement Management domain
    • Easily build OSLC service provider for tools with the help of the ModelBus® OSLC toolkit
    • Extension for web interface to browse OSLC resources added
  • Support for plugin of additional repositories to “extend” ModelBus® repository
  • Support for additional model serialization formats, e.g. JSON, RDF/XML, RDF/JSON
  • ModelBus® Git repository implementation extended
  • Support for Eclipse Luna release
  • Several bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Minor changes to API/service description (WSDL)