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Max Bureck gives a lecture on "Prototyping a Sirius Editor with Sirius“ . Fraunhofer Fokus

Eclipse DemoCamp at Fraunhofer FOKUS

News from June 18, 2015

On Tuesday, 16 June 2015, the Eclipse DemoCamp took place at Fraunhofer FOKUS. Participants of the platform discussed latest eclipse-based technologies and projects. 

Stephan Herrmann of GK Software presented the most recent developments on the topic of “Report on a dying species: Null PointerException – updates from JDT”. Mark Brörkens of itemis gave a lecture on IncQuery, a framework that is utilized for Eclipse Modeling projects and has brought significant improvements. Max Bureck of Fraunhofer FOKUS gave a presentation on “Prototyping a Sirius Editor with Sirius”.

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