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Dipl.-Inf. Friedrich Schön
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SQC at the DASIA 2018

News from June 18, 2018

From 29 to 31 May 2018, the DASIA Conference (Data Systems in Aerospace) is in Oxford, United Kingdom. The System Quality Center (SQC) shows two boards developed within the project OBC-SA for the Compact PCI Serial Space Standard – a high performance system with the multi-core COTS CPU P4080 and a board with the RTG4 FPGA.

The DASIA Conference has been discussing technical and business aspects of data processing systems in aerospace every year since 1996. The focus is not only on current developments, but also on their use in domains with similarly high demands on reliability and security – such as in the transport or energy sector.

SQC scientists Friedrich Schön and Samuel Pletner will give a lecture on an on-board computer system architecture (OBC-SA), which enables a modular integration of systems with different performance and functional features. Aerospace computer systems need more and more computing power to handle demanding and complex space tasks. Standardization and reusability of hardware and software components are significant in order to reduce the development effort and cost of computer systems for space.