ASQF meeting at FOKUS: “Acceptance Test-Driven Development”

News from Mar. 25, 2013

The last ASQF Group meeting at Fraunhofer FOKUS March 19, 2013 about Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD) set a new attendance record with 70 participants. Speaker Dr. Mirko Seifert, CEO of DevBoost GmbH, introduced new concepts and tools for this kind of test development.

Automated testing is now an integral part of any modern development process. Developers write tests with the aim to ensure the functionality of an application. These tests are usually created in a programming language (e.g. Java). This inevitably creates a gap between the actual requirements and the test code checking these requirements. ATDD closes this gap by demands largely formulated in natural language, while ensuring their feasibility. The aim of ATDD is to write understandable, easy to maintain and at the same time executable test specifications. The group is headed by Fraunhofer FOKUS researcher Axel Rennoch.