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Dr.-Ing. Florian Schreiner
Research Fellow
Business Unit NGNI
+49 30 3463-7174


Federated Interoperable Semantic IoT/cloud Test-beds and Applications 

Feb. 01, 2015 to Jan. 01, 2018

Experimentation as a Service: 
  • FIESTA is opening new opportunities in the development and deployment of experiments that exploit IoT data and capabilities from multiple testbeds at a EU (and global) scale. 
  • FIESTA focuses on opening new horizons in the development and deployment of IoT applications for experimentation.
  • The FIESTA project works on integrating IoT platforms, testbeds and their associated IoT data silos and vertical applications.
Tools, Techniques and Best Practices
  • FIESTA aims to provide to researchers with tools for accessing IoT data resources (including linked sensor data sets). 
  • Enables execution of experiments across multiple IoT testbeds, based on a single API for submitting the experiment and a single set of credentials for the researchers. 
  • Portability of IoT experiments across different testbeds, through the provision of interoperable standards-based IoT/cloud interfaces over diverse IoT experimental facilities. 

Expected Impact

  • FIESTA's experimental infrastructure available not only for European experimenters but World Wide. 
  • Facilitate the execution of experiments across multiple IoT testbeds. 
  • IoT experimentation across different testbeds and the provision of interoperable standard-based IoT/cloud interfaces. 

Fraunhofer FOKUS Contribution 

As FIESTA is planning to federate various IoT test-beds in FED4FIRE facilities, FOKUS team aims to provide the OpenMTC platform as a testbed to be available through the FUSECO playground. In this regard, a dedicated M2M testbed is going to be established through FIESTA federated testbeds. The OpenMTC is going to be extended with the required interfaces and tools.

Project partners: 
NUIG (IE), ITINNOV (UK), INRIA (FR), UNIS (UK), Unparallel Innovation (PT), EGM (FR), NEC (UK), UNICAN (ES), FOKUS (DE), C41 (FR), AIT (EL), SDR (ES), SODERCAN (ES), KETI (KO)
Project Coordinator: NUIG