Thu., Nov. 07, 2019 to Fri., Nov. 08, 2019 – Berlin, Germany

Antje Williams

Deutsche Telekom AG, Germany

Antje Williams is appointed as Senior Vice President 5G Campus Networks since October 2018. 5G Campus will develop solutions based on mobile technology (4G/5G) for industry parks, ware houses, logistic terminals etc. The solution will start on 4G frequencies to develop a 5G solution for the industry when 5G is available. Before this new appointment, Antje was leading for 3 years the 5G program within Deutsche Telekom including Architecture, Business, Standardization, Industry fora like NGMN, GSMA, European initiatives as 5GPPP, Finance, Communication and the 5G:haus (Telekom´s test bed for 5G).

Prior to this role Antje became Head of Inflight Connectivity and Managing Director of T-Mobile HotSpot GmbH (subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom). She was responsible offering WIFI access on board of 15 airlines (in 2014). Before joining Inflight, Antje was Head of Sales for the national Wholesale Department in Southern Germany for five years. She was responsible for the fixed line business with customers as Telefónica Germany, Kabel Deutschland, BT Germany among others. Antje started in the Legal Department of Deutsche Telekom, 2001.g.


5G Technologies For Industries

lndustrialization 4.0 requires a flexible connection of machines, sensors and robots. With the 5G CAMPUS network solution from Deutsche Telekom, QoS guaranteed use cases, based on the mobile network, can be accomplished. Driverless transport systems, real-time remote monitoring or augmented reality for repair and maintenance, are made feasible with a high-performance private mobile network, which can be individually configured for the customer. Deutsche Telekom is developing 5G CAMPUS Network in close cooperation with its customers and industrial partners. A first production trial runs with OSRAM in Schwabmünchen.