Nov. 7–8, 2019 – Berlin, Germany

Dr. Lechosław Tomaszewski

Orange Labs, Poland

Lechosław Tomaszewski received MSc. Eng. with honors and Ph.D. from the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Poland. He has been with Orange Polska SA (formerly Telekomunikacja Polska SA) since 1996. His previous industrial experience and expertise concern optical transmission, 4G networks, IMS architecture, quality probes, network/service management processes and tools. At present, he is interested in various aspects of 5G systems and network slicing, and is currently working as R&D Expert at Orange Labs Research Poland. He was previously involved in the Horizon 2020 project 5G!Pagoda (EU-JP, finished in June 2019). He participates in other EU-granted research projects: 5G-DRIVE (EU-CN), 5G!Drones and MonB5G (kick-off in December 2019).

Abstract 1 (Day 1, Track 1, Session 4, Workshop 2)

Advancements In Network Management - Implementation Of The In-Slice Management Concept

The presentation shows the In-Slice Management concept against the background of the current network management challenges and the very high-level approach of 3GPP to network slices management concepts and architecture. The concept - being a part of Distributed Autonomic Slices Management and Orchestration framework, developed and published within the 5G!Pagoda H2020 project and considered as one of the project's achievements - has been implemented and the details of the implementation and its results are presented.

Abstract 2 (Day 1, Track 2, Session 4; Joint Presentation With Tanel Järvet)

5G!Drones Trials - How To Match UAV Business Cases, Drone Capabilities, and 5G Test Facilities

The 5G!Drones project started in June 2019. Some goals of the project:

1. Analysis of Performance Requirements for UAV Verticals' Applications and Business Models in 5G.

2. Validate 5G KPIs that demonstrate execution of UAV use cases.

The project will carry out UAV tests in the following 5G Test facilities: 5G Genesis (GRE), 5G Eve (FRA), Aalto X-Network (FIN), Oulu 5G Testbed (FIN).

Examples of UAV use cases using 5G network: Police affecting offender and uses video stream; Drone logistics; Automated Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM); Rescue operation; 3D mapping; IoT data collection and others.

24 Oct and 1 Nov 2019 first tests for sharing video from drone over 5G in Aalto University 5G X-network and in Elisa 5G test network were conducted. The presentation introduces what is the action plan and what are the first experiences of the 5G!Drones project.