Nov. 7–8, 2019 – Berlin, Germany

Dr. Christos Politis

SES S.A., Luxembourg

Dr. Christos N. Politis is Digital Communications Systems Engineer at SES S.A., Luxembourg. He obtained his PhD degree in Spectrum Monitoring Algorithms for Wireless and Satellite Communications from the University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg in 2018. He is currently working in the area of Satellite integration into 5G. His main area of interest is on Satellite Communications and he has authored several journals, conference and book chapter publications. 

Abstract (Joint Presentation with Joe Cahill)

Satellite Integration With 5G And Edge Computing

This presentation addresses satellite integration into 5G and edge computing. It outlines the adoption of standard 3GPP 5G technologies in the satellite core network and addresses the applicability of edge computing in the satellite network. The concepts introduced and discussed within the EU H2020 5G PPP Phase 2 project “SaT5G” (Satellite and Terrestrial Network for 5G, and the ESA ARTES project “SATis5” (Demonstrator for Satellite-Terrestrial Integration in the 5G Context, Furthermore, the applicability of edge networking concepts in satellite networks is investigated within ESA ARTES project “EdgeSAT” (Edge Network Computing Capabilities for Satellite Remote Terminals,