Nov. 7–8, 2019 – Berlin, Germany

José Antonio Ordóñez-Lucena

Telefónica I+D, Spain

José Ordóñez-Lucena joined Telefónica I+D in 2018 as a Core & Platforms Technology Analyst, within the GCTIO Unit. He is currently involved in technology exploration activities, identifying and evaluating new opportunities in technologies intended for 5G systems. He also takes part in standardization activities within the GCTIO Unit, with a special focus on ETSI ISG ZSM and 3GPP SA5. His research interests include NFV, network slicing and non-public networks. 


Slice And Expose - Enhancing Network Slice Applications By Means Of Capability Exposure

The evolution of network infrastructures and services will likely require network operators to expose some of their network capabilities to customers (industry verticals in the typical case) in order to facilitate service innovation and create new business opportunities. Capability exposure implies providing verticals with secure and authorized access to functionality and resources of network infrastructure and services, allowing them to manage an agreed set of service parameters by means of SLA-driven APIs. The inherent support of multi-tenancy features in network slicing technology poses additional challenges for operators in terms of capability exposure, as different tenants may want to have different levels of control and management over their serving slices. In this presentation, we discuss different capability exposure scenarios following the network slice-as-a-service model and present a level-based reference framework for their categorization.