Nov. 7–8, 2019 – Berlin, Germany

Anthony Dunne

Real Wireless, UK, and 5G-TOURS

Anthony has over 30 years experience in the wireless and telecommunications industry and extensive experience in pre-sales technical support, systems design engineering, network deployment, optimisation & in-life support. He is an proven manager of engineering design teams, with a strong commercial focus and is highly respected by customers and other stakeholders.

He has specific experience with the UK Emergency Services Police including the Metropolitan Police and ESMCP, the UK Railways including CTRL 2 and the mobile industry including Small Cell programmes with Telefonica O2 and Three.

Technology specialties include: Small Cells, LTE, GSM, GSM-R, TETRA, MPT1327, PMR, In-building, DAS, Tunnel Propagation, Radiating Cable, RF over Fiber, Radio Propagation & Coverage modelling, Coverage Solutions, System & Network Design.

Anthony graduated with a 1st class BEng degree in Electronic & Electronic Engineering from the London South Bank University. Anthony is also APM, ITIL & IOSH certificated.


5G-TOURS: An Overview Of 5G-TOURS & Prioritised Challenges In Touristic, Safe & Mobile Efficient Cities

The 5G-TOURS’ vision is to improve the life in the city for the citizens and tourists, making cities more attractive to visit, more efficient in terms of mobility and safer for everybody. The industry segments within this vision can greatly benefit from 5G technology and account for a very large fraction of Europe’s economy. 5G-TOURS comprises use case trials in the cities of Rennes, Turning & Athens.