Nov. 7–8, 2019 – Berlin, Germany

Marcus Eibach

Deutsche Messe AG, Germany

Marcus Eibach works for Deutsche Messe AG and leads all 5G activities within the company. This means establishing a public and private 5G network at one of the largest exhibitions centers worldwide as well as developing new trade shows on this topic. His team is building the networks across the different industry verticals. During the last five years he has lead a majority-owned subsidiary. Marcus has worked at Deutsche Messe as a senior manager in different functions for almost 20 years now. Before that he has worked as an entity manager in the logistic sector at DHL Worldwide Express. Marcus holds a German diploma degree in economics from University of Bremen.


From An Exhibition Center Towards A “Smart Venue”

Deutsche Messe owns and operates one of the largest exhibition centers worldwide. Deutsche Messe intends to establish a public and private 5G network in the halls and the outside areas to serve exhibitors and visitors. Our intention is to go far beyond that pure service aspect. At Hannover exhibition center we want to showcase a wide range of applications enabled by 5G technology. This requires a multi supplier and operator strategy which is a big challenge. In the presentation we will report on the current status of the infrastructure concept and status of discussions with potential suppliers.