Nov. 7–8, 2019 – Berlin, Germany

Rob Dimond


Rob Dimond is System Architect and Fellow at Arm. Rob works in the Architecture and Technology group at Arm where his focus is developing technology in a 3-5 year time horizon for the infrastructure segment (servers and networking). Prior to Arm, Rob was Chief Hardware Architect at FPGA computing startup Maxeler. Rob holds degrees in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science from Imperial College, London.


Edge Computing As An Enabler

Arm's presence in endpoint devices gives us a unique perspective on use-cases and the infrastructure required to enable them. Just as content consumption drove an internet architecture including content delivery networks, the data generated by loT is going to drive a new transition. The value of loT comes from analytics on masses of data and it's not possible to backhaul all of that data to the cloud. The solution is edge compute and that edge must be heterogenous to meet requirements such as real-time for applications such as machine control or the RAN itself. Arm has launched Project Cassini which will enable deployment of cloud native applications onto a heterogenous and secure edge. This talk introduces Arm, how we see Edge compute as an enabler and how we're working to address the need with Project Cassini.