Nov. 7–8, 2019 – Berlin, Germany

James Clarke

Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland

From September, 2018 - present, Mr. Clarke was nominated by the Government of Ireland as a Member of the Future Internet Forum of Members States and Associated Countries (FIF), representing Ireland on the FIF at their bi-annual meetings. In addition, Mr. Clarke is one of the nominated NGI National Contact Points (NGI NCP) for Ireland.

From October, 2017 - March, 2019, Mr. Clarke coordinated the project, which was one of the Pathfinder projects engaged in laying the groundwork and building the H2020: Next Generation Internet - An Open Internet Initiative ( of the Digital Single Market of the European Commission; was launched in the autumn of 2016, aiming to shape the "future internet" as an interoperable platform ecosystem that embodies the values that Europe holds dear: openness, inclusivity, transparency, privacy, cooperation, and protection of data.

From December, 2014 - November, 2018, Mr. Clarke coordinated the EU-India FI-MEDIA project, funded by the Delegation of the EU to India, facilitating the building of Cluster to Cluster (C2C) partnerships between the EU and India research and industry in areas related to Future Internet and Electronic Media.

Abstract Initiative - An Opportunity For EU- And US-based Teams Working Together On NGI Experimental Platforms

Starting in January, 2020, the project has a central goal to provide the organisational and financial framework that will drive the cascade funding of the EU-based research and innovators in carrying out Next Generation Internet (NGI)-related experiments built on top of EU–US experimental platforms. will develop, manage and publicise to the targeted user communities an organisational and financial funding platform that will stimulate and support an efficient process for regular research cycles of cascade funded projects engagements between EU and US innovators related to common priority topics of mutual benefit derived from within the EU’s NGI related Experimental Platforms, including Next Generation Internet Experimentation (NGI-EXP), FIRE, 5G-PPP, and the US’s relevant Internet programmes, including The NSF’s wired funded programmes, ENTeR / GENI and Future Cloud Platform, and their Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR) program and their dedicated US-EU program entitled Internet Core & Edge Technologies, ICE-T, and its expected follow-up US-EU activities. The proposals for cascade funded projects in the lifetime of will be gathered from up to 5 Open Calls. The funded projects will emerge from clearly established selection criteria, through a transparent and efficient process utilising an External Pool of Evaluators. A continuous monitoring activity of the funded project will be implemented, paired to an effective dissemination, communication and exploitation plan, to maximise impact.