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5G Playground: Accelerating the Adoption of 5G

News from Apr. 20, 2015

Fraunhofer FOKUS NGNI competence center is proud to announce its 5G Playground.

The 5G Playground is an R&D common ground were researchers and engineers, around the world, are able to build together the future 5G environment. It allows for interoperability testing, and for the evaluation, validation and demonstration of their ideas, solutions and prototypes. The playground consists of a comprehensive set of tool kits addressing the most novel technological advances towards 5G.

Fraunhofer FOKUS is actively searching for partners from operators and vendors, as well as academic partners interested in participating in the build-up of the emerging 5G ecosystem. Whether you are developing a future element of the 5G solution, envisioning a new concept or even a novel use case, the 5G Playground is the right place to validate, demonstrate and realize your projects or solutions. 

The Toolkits Open5GCore, OpenSDNCore and Open5G-MTC are part of the 5G Playground.

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