CoCo, Karriere, Modell Tafel, 2011
Matthias Heyde/ Franhofer FOKUS

Career opportunities for academics

Fraunhofer FOKUS offers academics from technical and scientific backgrounds excellent career prospects and the opportunity to further develop. Working with us, you have the opportunity to conduct research that is closely interlocked with industrial practice. You can participate in national and international research projects and simultaneously qualify for a responsible function in the industry. Especially the wide range of research topics and the multifaceted research labs offer an attractive chance to actively take part in the shaping of the digital transformation.

Since the institute puts a lot of emphasis on the professional and personal training, the employees of Fraunhofer FOKUS can obtain diverse qualifications. The establishment of spin-offs and the marketing of business ideas are actively supported by the institute. Getting a doctorate is also possible while working at FOKUS.



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