Impulspapier »Datenachtsamkeit – Ein neuer(licher) Blick auf den Selbstdatenschutz«
istock/ peterhowell

New Impulsepaper about Self Responsibility in the Domain of Data Protection Published

News from Nov. 18, 2019

“Self-data protection” is about exercising the rights to one's own data and making conscious and self-determined decisions about their disclosure. This is becoming increasingly important in the context of progressively data-intensive technologies.

The impulse paper of our Competence Center Public IT (ÖFIT) aims to enable a basic understanding of the relevance of self-data protection and to elaborate universal principles for this under the concept of “data attentiveness” (Datenachtsamkeit).

Self-data protection also builds on regulations, but goes beyond them and supplements them. For example, where the lawfulness of data processing is linked to consent, conscious self-data protection is a prerequisite for the effectiveness of data protection regulations. For a serious balance of power between users and data processors, self-data protection must be conceived as part of a data protection architecture, legally guaranteed and socially encouraged.

The publication describes measures for self-data protection that are based on generally effective, everyday and future-proof strategies.