OEFIT, Webnews, Maerz 2020
Matthias Heyde/ Fraunhofer FOKUS

Rural, digital, attractive – Study about digital solutions for rural areas published

News from Mar. 31, 2020

In German municipalities there are numerous innovative projects concerning digital solutions to the challenges of rural areas. The latest publication by the Competence Center Public IT (ÖFIT) provides an overview of these approaches and the conditions under which they are successful.

Rural areas face a variety of challenges, whether in terms of medical care, the supply of goods and services or educational and employment opportunities. At the same time, there are innovative projects all over Germany that are pursuing digital solutions to improve the provision of services of general interest and the quality of life on the ground.

Which factors contribute to their success – and which can stand in the way? ÖFIT asked 49 projects about their experiences. The present study shows many measures with which project implementers, administration and politics can increase the chances of digital projects succeeding in rural areas.

The publication “Rural, digital, attractive – Digital solutions for rural areas” (Ländlich, digital, attraktiv – Digitale Lösungsansätze für ländliche Räume) is fully available in German for download on the ÖFIT website.